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Where Do Our Membership Dues Go?

Each level of PTA provides specific services - and each service depends on a small increment of the local association dues to carry out its work.


-                                 Works at the school site for all children and youth

-                                 Carries out the Purposes of the organization
                     ANHS PTSA Membership Dues


-                                 Offers resources and support through training and updates

-                                 Provides guidance, mentoring and representation

-                                 Promotes, supports and provides parent education


-                                 Promotes state and National PTA work

-                                 Organizes and strengthens councils and units

-                                 Channels information from the California State PTA

-                                 Provides workshops, programs, leadership training

-                                 Prepares publications


-                                 Represents PTA in youth and family education activities

-                                 Maintains legislation advocates in Sacramento

-                                 Plans and holds annual convention

-                                 Provides workshops, field services, leadership training

-                                 Prepares publications


-                                 Advocates nationally for children and youth

-                                 Develops and funds projects national in scope

-                                 Maintains legislative advocacy at the federal level

-                                 Plans and holds an annual convention

-                                 Provides field services and prepares publications


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