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Each CUSD school PTA or PTSA has a representative on the CUCPTSA Legislation Team.  The Legislation Team develops their agenda in the Fall and uses this to direct their activities relating to all CUCPTSA schools throughout the school year.  Following is this years agenda approved at the Capistrano Unified Council meeting on September 9, 2019

2019-2021 CUCPTSA Legislation Agenda 

At the Local Level, we will advocate for and support: 


  • Opportunities for parent/student participation in budget and policy developments that affect all students.  Encourage parent and student participation in review and development of the CUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan.
  • Parents, students and community participation as public education advocates.  Educate parents and the public about CUSD schools and the positive impact of strong schools on our communities.
  • PTA and CUSD partnerships with local businesses and the community to enhance student achievement.
  • Programs in our schools, communities and the district that promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Educate local stake holders, parents, community members, elected representatives in school funding for facilities and programs.  


Student Achievement:

  • Increased State funding for smaller class sizes at primary grade levels.
  • Teacher and student resources around the California state standards, including those that promote district-wide success in the Smarter Balance Assessments.
  • Continued and expanded access to visual and performing arts programs for all students and promote imbedding the arts into all grade level curriculums.
  • High school curriculum, including academic electives and coursework, designed to achieve college and career readiness.
  • Equal and consistent site support and access to technology, training and ongoing professional development.
  • Effective guidance services and programs for secondary students looking toward to post-graduation college and career options.
  • Promote programs that develop civic responsibility.


Facilities and Technology:

  • CUSD to inform the community of the state of facilities and develop plans for modernization, repair, and upgrade of those facilities.
  • Implementation of the district’s technology upgrade plan in a timely manner.


Student Wellness and School Climate:

  • Prioritizing counseling, physical and mental health services, and student support staff at all schools to provide a supportive, nurturing and safe environment for students.
  • Programs that support physical fitness and address childhood obesity. Advocate for increased CUSD support of school athletic programs.
  • Programs and health curriculum that address the negative affects that media messages about body image have on a majority of adolescent and teen girls.
  • Programs that prevent bullying and cyber-bullying.  Advocate for education and resources to support targeted students and their families.
  • Maintain funding of School Resource Officers and drug and alcohol education at all middle and high schools. 
  • Support anti-vaping (e-cigarette) education programs in all schools.

At the State Level, we will advocate for and support:
  • Sufficient funding to repair, modernize, and construct needed school facilities.
  • A stable school finance system without relying on ancillary local fundraising.
  • Transparency and accountability through Local Control and Accountability Plans.
  • Local school districts to have flexibility in decision-making and the allocating of funds, allowing sufficient reserves to support financial stability.
  • Improved school attendance through policies that reduce truancy and address chronic absenteeism.
  • Access for every student to a full curriculum under the California State Standards, including STEAM and physical education.
  • Programs that promote student health and safety, including driving safety.
  • Measures to eliminate the opportunity gap.

At the Federal Level, we will:

  • Expand and strengthen family engagement.
  • Fight for access to well-rounded curricula, equity protections for disadvantaged populations, and accountability to parents and the community.
  • Ensure support measures to ensure student access to highly qualified teachers.
  • Increase federal funding for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) by a minimum of an additional 3% this year, to move towards the commitment made by Congress to authorize federal funding of 40% of IDEA costs.
  • Support federal programs and policies that promote safe routes to school, prevent bullying, and protect children from gun violence



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